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    • pragmatic approach; instead of trying to normalize and standardize each and every available field of all collections, OCD makes basic textual searching for objects across collections possible
    • the goal is not to provide an exhaustive data mapping between collection, but to give a developer access to a simple API that provides all kinds of cultural heritage data.
    • the API follows a common design (REST) and document format (JSON) known by many developers.
    • on a per collection basis, more advanced questions can be asked
    • for each indexed object, the original data can easily be accessed via the API. A developer can decided to parse the original data himself if he wants to obtain very specific data that is not directly incorporated in the indexed item.


  • Data of different cultural heritage institutions is made searchable in a uniform manner.
  • All original data is kept and remains accessible in it’s original form.
  • When possible, references to the original item’s location (in the form of URLs) are included.
  • A simple REST API to easily search, filter and retrieve items.